Monday, January 11, 2010

Regional Ocean Conference for Students

The "Stow It-Don't Throw It" Project was highlighted once again at the Florida Aquarium's Regional Ocean Conference for Students on December 4th, 2009. This conference challenges students in the Tampa Bay area to cosider the environmental issues facing the Tampa Bay ecosystem, and then create a plan to help combat those problems. It allows these youth to hear first hand from experts who are knowledgeable in a variety of environmental fields, and empowers them to work together and use the knowledge they gain to make an impact on their communities. During the conference, "Stow It-Don't Throw It" Project chair, Sean Russell, spoke to the participants about the steps to creating a community action project, and about the work being done by participants involved in the "Stow It-Don't Throw It" Project.

A special thanks once again to the Florida Aquarium for their continued support of the "Stow It-Don't Throw It" Project and our work! Please see below for pictures from the event.

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